From Jamaica to China, Discover Judaica from Around the World

London - A Ketubbah from Jamaica and an Esther Scroll from Canton province, China, are but two of a rich array of objects from around the world featured in Sotheby’s upcoming Important Judaica auction (19 December). The sale is highlighted by a particularly magnificent assortment of Italian Judaica along with works from Morocco, England and more. Click ahead to discover these objects that reflect the global history of Jewish life and customs.

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What's inside

Syria Matters

Doha - Over the last seven years and more, Syria has undergone one of the worst human tragedies in living memory. This once proud and splendid country with its fabled cities of Damascus and Aleppo has been largely destroyed and great parts of its population have fled in one of the major refugee-migrations of recent history. Syria’s fate concerns everyone, but especially its neighbours in the Middle East. It is for this reason the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha presents “Syria Matters” to highlight the extraordinary cultural heritage of this country, and at the same time plead to safeguard this unique legacy in danger.

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