Sunset in Paris

One of the world’s most popular destinations, Paris, offers a multitude of things to do and places to see. Like most major travel destinations, there can never be enough time to see it all. From late afternoon. Your evening will begin at The Bar La Vue atop the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the Porte Maillot district.

As you step out of the elevator on the 34th floor and ascend the small stairway into the plush space, you will immediately realize its reputation as the ultimate vantage point for taking in the city. It provides a panoramic vista that will imprint a postcard image in your memory forever. The cityscape bows to its greatest monuments: The Eiffel tower and Arc De Triumph. Every seat is front row viewing and the ambiance is luxurious. As you sip on a favorite cocktail and the shadows lengthen, allow yourself to be absorbed by the city’s beauty as the history of Paris plays out before you. You can almost hear the cries from an age of revolution, sense the gathering of artists and literal genius, smell the smoke and fires of its occupancy and then rejoice in its liberation as the sun sets.