Davos elites face 'warning of populist rage'
Written by: World Affairs & Ideas

Davos, Switzerland - Global elites arriving in Davos for the World Economic Forum on Monday were met with urgent IMF warnings about swelling inequality and popular anger fueling dangerous economic uncertainty. Even before the official kick-off of the annual week of networking and socialising by the world's rich and influential, it was clear that this year's event would be under the sign of increasing global instability, risk and an upsurge in angry populism. Leaders from the US, France, Britain and Zimbabawe have stayed home from the posh Swiss ski resort in order to put out political fires back home, largely buffeted by popular anger against the elite.

The International Monetary Fund warned in an update to its global economic forecasts that US-China trade confrontations, Brexit and other sources of uncertainty were threatening to drag down global growth even further than its already pessimistic outlook published three months ago.

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