Russia-ASEAN summit will confirm importance of Russia’s role in Asia Pacific
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Moscow - Holding the Russia-ASEAN summit on the territory of Russia confirms the important role Moscow is playing in the Asia Pacific Region, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov told Tass agency.

"I will begin with stating that it is for the first time held on the Russian territory. The arrival of heads of states and governments of 10 ASEAN member countries in Sochi will already become a significant international event, a confirmation of importance of relations with Russia for this authoritative regional association that unites over 500,000 million people in a single family and represents the seventh economy in the world in total," Morgulov said. According to Morgulov, documents for Russia-ASEAN summit - Sochi declaration on common approaches to international and regional problems and joint plan of action for developing cooperation in 2016-2020 - are at the final stage of coordination.

The Russia-ASEAN summit will be held in Sochi on May 19-20