#‎SyriaTalks Staffan de Mistura seeks political framework. ‪#‎UN mediator will travel to Syria and ‪#‎Iran
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UN envoy Staffan de Mistura will travel to Damascus and Tehran and meet other regional officials to seek a common understanding on a political transition in Syria, delaying the start of a round of peace talks by two days.

"The next round of the talks needs to be quite concrete in the direction of a political process leading to a real beginning of a political transition," de Mistura told a news conference in Geneva. De Mistura said he wanted to "verify the position" of international and regional parties to make sure there was a critical mass about "what could be a framework of a political transition". Staffan de Mistura said he had already heard some interesting ideas from Russia and would also consult Turkish, Saudi, Jordanian and Lebanese officials before the talks resume on April 13. He had previously aimed for a start date of April 9 and then April 11. On his trip to Moscow, he had reminded officials that an "understanding on a possible framework between the United States and the regional players would certainly make me more comfortable in pushing through meaningful talks soon". Syria is holding parliamentary elections on April 13, and the Syrian government delegation would not arrive until April 14 or 15, he said.