Al Attiyah: Qatar does not support any form of violence or terrorism

by Silvia Castello


Moscow - FM Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah said on Monday that the Qatari-Russian relations took an important turn through the visit of the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to the Kremlin. 

At a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister said that the political will in the two countries agreed on the need to rise the relations to the partnership level and to promote this partnership in many areas. This will reflect the keenness of the Emir and President Putin on closer relations between the State of Qatar and the Russian Federation, he added. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah said that the visit has reviewed these relations in all their aspects and emphasized the need to continue to push forward and develop them. Among the important aspects was the promotion of mutual cooperation in the field of energy and the encouragement of investments, as both parties share a real desire to continue the work to achieve stability in the market through dialogue between producers and consumers, in light of the falling oil and gas prices, as well as cooperation between the two countries in the field of promotion for natural gas in order to increase its share in the global energy mix and the expansion of its use as an effective means in tackling climate change, the Minister added. Dr. Al Attiyah reaffirmed the State of Qatar's commitment to pursue the objectives for which Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) was established. With regard to political issues, the Foreign Minister said that regional and international issues of common interest were discussed, in the framework of the two countries' keenness to achieving regional stability and building global peace. Al Attiyah said the international community needs more cooperation, building and expanding partnerships, bringing points of views closer, and enhancing political dialogue to ensure peace, stability and security in the Middle East and the world. the foreign minister said the visit touched on regional security, stressing that the Qatari and Russian sides are on the same page in this matter as they agreed on the importance of freeing the Middle East and Gulf region from all weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons, especially in light of the recent developments in the region. They also reiterated the significance of respecting sovereignty of countries and international conventions. Al Attiyah said the Palestinian issue remains in the core of talks, noting that it is time to exercise pressure to lift the illegal and inhumane blockade on the Gaza Strip, and stop settlement activities in the West Bank and the Judaization of Jerusalem. Al Attiyah said the Syrian crisis took a sizable share of the talks, particularly in light of the international developments and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in a number of Syrian regions suffering under the siege of the Syrian regime that prevents the entry of food, medicine and basic needs. He expressed hope that international efforts will intensify to "put an end to fighting, killings and hunger among civilians" so that the Syrian people "can exercise its will and this requires the support of Arab countries, and also international players". The Foreign Minister said the delay in finding a real and serious political solution for the crisis will contribute to the growing phenomenon of extremism and terrorism under religious, sectarian and ethnic pretexts. "We, on our part, confirmed the inadmissibility of a split on religious grounds," adding that "Qatar does not support any form of violence or terrorism" and believes that the real eradication of terrorism is through returning rights to their owners on the basis of equal citizenship. Concluding his talk, Al Attiyah voiced his confidence in the positive role that each of Qatar and Russia can play to achieve stability and support international peace and security.

(With FMA Qatar, Photo President Vladimir Putin with Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani via The Kremlin)

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