Warhol's Black Lenin Top Dollar at Sotheby's London
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The Global Times Sotheby's

London - Previously, the canvas was bought at a Sotheby’s auction in 2002 for £358,650 ($554,150) presumably by London jeweler Laurence Graff, according to the global art market newswire Artnet. According to Sotheby’s catalogue note, Andy Warhol’s series featuring the Bolshevik revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin was to be the artist’s last major body of work. The canvas is 183cm in height, the second largest from the series of paintings that Warhol created in 1986 for an exhibition scheduled to be held the following year with the German gallerist Bernd Klüser. “Along with its counterparts, this monolith-like black painting certainly belongs among the most austere and solemn of the artist’s late practice, and, along with the earlier 1970s Hammer and Sickle series and portraits of Chairman Mao, forms an intriguing riposte to the consumer products and capitalist tokens that first propelled Warhol to the forefront of the international art world".

(Photo Courtesy Sotheby's London)